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Sat, Dec 31, 2005


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Millennium Music has a nice deal for those of you with huge piles of dusty old CDs still lying around in the house. They want all your old CDs and in return, they’ll give you a brand new iPod!

Not just any CD mind you, just in case you are already having the idea of giving them your school choir’s album. But their quality criteria is fairly reasonable.

45 CDs – 0.5GB iPod Shuffle
65 CDs – 1GB iPod Shuffle
85 CDs – 2GB iPod Nano
110 CDs – 4GB iPod Nano
130 CDs – 30GB iPod
175 CDs – 60GB iPod

If you can’t manage to dig out enough CDs for your dream iPod, they’ll still allow you to pay the difference. To enjoy the deal, simply give them a visit with your CDs or ship the CDs to them.

Update (January 7, 2006): With all the overwhelming responses in the Comments below, it’s easy to see that this deal is simply not worth trying. The CD acceptance rate is horrible, and then there’s the complication of shipping unaccepted CDs back. You’re probably better off selling your CDs off to your local record store.


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  1. Daniel Martinez Says:

    What kind of music do you want. I have plenty of old cds that I don’t listen to anymore.

  2. Darren Palmer Says:

    What condition do the CD’s have to be in? Do they have to have the original case and inserts?

  3. Leon Huang Says:

    Yup, has to have the original jewel cases and liner notes. And I’m sure they won’t accept any CDs that are too scratched.

    They have a quality guideline here:

  4. Methodius Says:

    Does anyone realize this works out to like, 3 dollars a cd?

    My local pawn shop offers more.

  5. john long Says:

    what a fuckin ripoff

  6. Mister Magic Says:

    Haha, just burn 175 cd’s and trade em to an ipod :D

  7. niall4eg Says:

    can you give bootleg cds and dvds

  8. John Doe Says:

    This is a major scam – I sent 425 CDs to these guys (near mint condition) and they only “accepted” 53 of them. Oh and if I want them back I need to give them my credit card number so they can charge me to ship it back to me.

    These guys are crooks stay away from this garbage!

  9. Mike Says:

    What an awful deal for the consumer. 45 CDs for a 0.5gb shuffle? You’ve got to be joking.

    An 0.5gb shuffle on your site costs $99? what planet are you from? quick search on froogle shows you can get one for less then $70. Then you will probably be getting discounts when buying in bulk.

    Then, you’re saying a cd is worth $2.5 in good to mint condition? get real, and on the same site you sell them for $5. Wow.

    Ok, so lets, theoretically say you buy the ipods for ’street value’ by your evalution at $99. You get those 45 CDs in near mint condition, 45 x $5 = $225 (the total value you sell the CDs for.).

    $225 – $99 = $126. Wow thats a minimum of $126 (remember, you probably dont pay street value for em) gross profit from one transaction? you got to be kidding me.

    Seriously, which joke book you get this from? its classic.

  10. Mike Says:

    ill let everyone else do the sums for the other ipods. Even more amusing

  11. Hee Haw Beware Says:

    Honestly, you thought this bullshit scam was going to work? How about I give you $500 and you can kick me in the nuts? You might as well shut this site down.

  12. Markjandep Says:

    4GB iPod Nano -299 dollars

    30GB iPod -379 dollars

    60GB iPod -499 dollars

    My buddies and girlfriends’ CD gifts.. Priceless!

    There are some people this things just can’t sucker off.

  13. Mark Says:

    Useless site. Trade values are totally unacceptable. Stay Away!

  14. Adiranhir Says:

    LOL I agree with hee haw, this is utter bs, anyone would be foolish to attempt to trade in thier hard origional cds.

  15. Rmn Says:

    This is a great Idea, Buy a Joblot of Cd on Ebay for Cheap and den send them to ipod and get a ipod nano or something ?

  16. Rekim Says:

    I did this bullshit they did the same thing to me as they did to “John Doe” I sent in 334 cd’s. Accepted 17.

  17. Boseman Cowboy Says:

    What if you have access to pre-cut out CDs by weight in perfect condition… I can produce tens of thousands of nearly current, often hit CDs.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I get 2-4 dollars per disk at the local record store so I can beat this deal so fast that it’s not even funny.

  19. Ano NymOus Says:

    Meh, they might be giving you $3 a CD, but if you rip it to your hard drive before you send it….well…you have your music and a new ipod…

  20. Me Says:

    Is anybody suprised that there’s a catch? Did you idiots truly believe they were gonna offer us a great deal out of the blue, they need to make a profit, They’re not a charity

  21. starg Says:

    What is a CD?

  22. Anonymous2 Says:

    I like tacos.

  23. sabonis Says:

    This really is nothing special of a deal. 45cds for a .5gb shuffle? In last couple of years of selling my used cds back to most music stores, usually the industry standard is between $2-$4 for each cd. I would say the average is probably $3/per. U can get ipod shuffles(.5gb) for roughly $85-$90 in alot of places, 45 * $3= $135. Even if all your cds were worth $2, this wouldn’t be any thing special of a deal.

  24. Dan Says:

    Okay, anyone that actually considers this is a complete dumbass. I mean seriously, CD’s are what? Twelve dollars on average? That works out to over two thousand dollars! So instead of getting rid of all your CD’s how bout you just go out and buy a damn iPod? I think its terrible that anyone actually thinks of making a deal like this.

  25. Jover Says:

    Creative Zen FTW you can keep ur Apple Ipod shit.

  26. blain Says:

    Think about this guys.. If you send in 175 mint cds which you bought at an estimated 12 dollars (which is pretty cheap for these days) it would be over 1000 dollars worth of cds sent to these people

  27. Me Three Says:

    Even if you burn your CDs and sent your originals to these scammers, they’ll still accept only fewer than half of them, send the rest back to you at your expense, and leave you without that iPod you wanted.

    …so what do you do with those huge piles of dusty old CDs still lying around in the house? Leave them lying around the house. Deprive the bastards the pleasure of rifling through your collections and taking your best shit.

  28. Pete Says:

    I just sold 70 old CDs that I never listened to to, and got $233.50 for the trouble. Sounds like a better deal than a 1GB ipod shuffle to me.

  29. Edvin Says:

    Where do i send the cd:s?
    How can i be sure that you´ll give me an ipod?

  30. Leon Huang Says:

    You don’t send them to HipTechBlog, Edvin. You send them to Millennium Music.

  31. DaMan Says:

    Man this is totally lame. NOBODY SHOULD TRY THIS SCAM OUT. Keep your precious CDs. These guys are just ripping you off. Buy your own iPod or even a better one and be glad that you didn’t fall for this bs.

  32. Crabbnugga Says:

    F**cking capitalism at its best. If you sell it, people will buy it. It’s people like this that keep the poor poor. Send ‘em a pile of dog sh*t and see how much credit they’ll give you for it. F**cking thieves. The ipods are probably ripoffs made in Mexico using child labor. Don’t waste your money on these crooks.

  33. Jonslilbro Says:

    Did anyone else notice this at the calculator:
    If you put in ‘1′ for the number of cd’s your trading in, the price you pay of the difference to buy it is 10 dollars more then retail price, just for a .5gig shuffle. So there saying, for 1 cd and 110 dollars, we’ll give you a 99 dollar mp3 player…. wow and the bigger the capacity the more u have to pay over there retail value you they tell you its worth.

  34. Anonymous3 Says:

    I like tacos too.

  35. SCAM!! Says:

    This is BS dont do it. why wud u trust ur Cd’s that u spent good money on for a ipod that is gona make u loose money in the runin

  36. George Bush Says:

    i gave away 3 million of my “how to find weapons of mass destruction” cds and they only accepted 400 so im good

  37. Jaker Says:

    GEEEZ I love tacos and burritos! :D

  38. Happy_terd Says:

    Is pretty safe to send CDs to? I dont want to get ripped off by them…

    to keep on topic…..FK them ipods.

  39. theman Says:

    the thing is… selling 175 CDs to a store that buys them will actually make you enough money to buy a 60 GB Ipod…. provided your CDs are acceptable… it leaves you the hassle of paying for shipping.

  40. holly_bush Says:

    I’d never send my cd’s to this group of scammers even though I got them free and as many of you have pointed out the deal is a no deal. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLEVER SCAM

  41. myles Says:

    i live in the charleston, SC area so i’m gonna drive up to their location and try this out without having to worry about ridiculous shipping costs

  42. SASQUATCH Says:

    Even i knew this was a shitty deal, and im retarded!

  43. xvj Says:

    [Comment ID #981 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #1088 Will Be Quoted Here]

    god i love the comments brought to different forums lol and ya im pretty sure this ‘deal’ is bs.

    LOL P.S. – what about fajitas? chinchillas? encheladas? ! haha

  44. fgstehshgs Says:

    [Comment ID #968 Will Be Quoted Here]where is the place

  45. Roxtar69 Says:

    I actually did send 185 CDs (with original artwork and clean, uncracked cases) to Millennium in Feb ’06 and spent $45 on shipping..they included such classics as U2’s Joshua Tree, Rolling Stones’ Some Girls and Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits…all original, and no copies. I also ripped every CD (took about 2 months) and not one had a scratch on it. They get back to me saying that based on “quality issues,” they can only take 45 CDs, and I STILL have to pay $30 for the 512MB IPOD Shuffle!! I ended up paying $30 to have them shipped back, so I spent $75 on nothing…

    DO NOT believe this promotion unless your CDs are still factory sealed and never opened… their quality criteria is a joke and you’re better off selling your CDs for $1 or $2 elsewhere and getting the IPOD that you want with cash left over…

  46. Heather Says:

    I got my iPod from They came to my house picked up my CDs, I did no work whatsoever. They even gave me back files of my music.

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