Top 10 Coolest Alarm Clocks

Mon, Mar 13, 2006


Ahh…the love-hate relationship that we all have with our alarm clocks. Why endure those harsh buzzing noises every morning when you could make things just a little more interesting? Here are some of the coolest alarm clocks available via the web that could spice up the first few minutes of your everyday life.

The Kuku Alarm Clock

Kuku Alarm Clock
At your set time, the clock begins laying its little eggs and starts chirping away. Unless you return all the eggs into the basket, it won’t stop buzzing! A great way to exercise your drowsy brain. And definitely makes waking up to work a little more fun!
Get the Kuku Alarm Clock

The Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock

Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock
Alarm sounded! Wanna shut that dreaded noise off? Sorry, gotta complete the puzzle first. The puzzle pieces fires out from the clock at the set time, and by the time you manage to piece back the puzzles, I bet you would be quite awake.
Get the Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock

The Drag Racing Alarm Clock

Drag Racing Alarm Clock
Love engine revs and spinning tires? This one’s for you. The clock comes complete with working temperature and humidity gauges, lighted dial and staging lights. At the set time, the clock begins revving and warming up, the staging lights start going off in sequence and finally “VROOM!”, the scream of an 8,000 horsepower wakes you up feeling all ready to take on the world!
Get the Drag Racing Alarm Clock

The iPod Alarm Clock

iPod Alarm Clock
What’s better than waking up to your favorite song on your iPod? Loud songs, gradually loudening songs, or even birds chirping, your pick. The clock also features a cool dock, stereo speakers and a built-in FM/AM radio.
Get the Hammacher Schlemmer iPod Alarm Clock

The Floating Message Alarm Clock

Floating Message Alarm Clock
This neat alarm clock flashes eight LEDs at 16 times per seconds to display a constant 200 characters message in the air. Perfect for waking up your significant other with a naughty message or two.
Get the Brookstone Floating Message Alarm Clock

The Sight, Sound and Scent Alarm Clock

Sight, Sound and Scent Alarm Clock
Thirty-minutes before your wake-up time, the light on this clock gradually brightens, while releasing faint aromatherapy scents and producing soft nature sounds. And finally at the set time, a buzzer sounds to make sure you wake up. If the combined “sight”, “sound” and “scent” is still unable to wake up you, I guess an extra “kick” from your family members would be required.
Get the Hammacher Schlemmer Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

The Hide-and-Seek Alarm Clock

Hide-and-Seek Alarm Clock
How about a little game of hide-and-seek every morning? Every time you hit the snooze button, the clock rolls off to hide. And when the alarm sounds again, you would have no choice but to get up and seek out the clock to off it for good.
Get the Clocky Hide-and-Seek Alarm Clock

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
The Axbo alarm clock analyzes your sleeping stage via the wireless wristband, and decides an appropriate time that is close to your set time to wake you up. It is claimed that waking up at the right time this way could let you wake up feeling more refreshed.
Get the SleepTracker Alarm Watch

The Projection Alarm Clock

Projection Alarm Clock
This Ferrari-branded alarm clock is able to project a logo of our favorite horse together with the current time onto the wall or ceiling. Interesting twist to time-reading! And when it’s time to wake up, the clock greets you with the sweet sound of a Ferrari roar. Better if you got the real deal sitting outside your house waiting.
Get the Ferrari FSP301_Maranello Projection Alarm Clock

The Wooden Alarm Clock

Wooden Alarm Clock
The time on this clock seems to mysteriously appear on its smooth wooden surface. But it is in fact being shone through a layer of wood that is very thin. With no visible controls and buttons, the clock is perfect for minimalist lovers.
Get the Wooden Alarm Clock

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. Jacky Says:

    The Hide-and-Seek Alarm Clock looks pretty cool to me.

  2. RC of strangeculture Says:

    The Puzzle and Egg alarm clock would drive me crazy…and I’d like to see the rolling hide and go seek alarm clock in action…that seems a little bizarre.

    –RC of

  3. Brian Says:

    This is very cool! Some are strange tho!

  4. Daz Says:

    HAHA I saw the rolling one on TV LOL. Its a good idea getting u out of bed to turn off that annoying beep. I know thats what i need to get me up in the morning.

  5. CrayZeee Says:

    Hey, I love that drag-racing alarm clock! ;]

  6. Simon Says:

    But what about the voco clock?

    Stephen Fry wakes you up with things like. . . “I’m so sorry to disturb you sir but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient I agree sir. I believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame.”


    “Come, come sir. let us not be defeated. Let us seize the day and take it roughly from behind. As the colonel used to say in his unfortunate way.”

  7. Jack House Says:

    You need to introduce an alarm clock for couples that can wake up up only one of the sleepers. This could be done be a vibration under the pillow or a similar device. Dual alarms would be great. My wife has a different schedule than mine. Her alarm wakes me and drives me nuts. I;m sure their are thousands that have the same issue. If someone could come up with something like this I’m sure it would be very popular and a big seller. I,ve given this a lot of thought. Call or e-mail me for details.

    Thenks. Jack House

  8. pollywog4us Says:

    Hi I need to find an alarm clock that has a rooster alarm on it if you know where I can get something like this let me know Thank You

  9. mike Says:

    [Comment ID #90388 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There’s one like that called “The Sensory Assault Alarm Clock,” it has a vibration pad that you put under the pillow or sheet. Also, It has a strobe light and 95db sounds. You can choose between methods, either all three, two or just the one. In your case you’d obviously choose the vibration method as first phase for her then the sound phase for yourself.

  10. me Says:

    hi. i am getting one of those for christmas. i cant wait

  11. rebecca standring Says:

    [Comment ID #1704 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree, the hide n seek won dus lk priti kwl, but maybe annoying after a while

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