Floating LCD Clock With Space Shuttle

Tue, Mar 21, 2006


The Floating LCD Clock not only floats, it spins! Swap the clock for a space shuttle for a little fun.

If this came out earlier, it would’ve made it into our list of the Top 10 Coolest Alarm Clocks without any doubt. The Floating LCD Clock, um, floats between the top and bottom microprocessor-controlled magnets, letting you read the time with style. And the clock doesn’t just sits there either – an auto-rotate mechanism spins the clock in an ever so entrancing way.

Setting up the clock sounds easy enough. Simply hold the clock between the top and the base, and the unit will guide you to the “sweet spot” with beeps and blinks.

Bored with the LCD clock? Well you could get the optional space shuttle that comes together with a cute little Neil Armstrong (well, just our guess)), which can be floated in the same manner as the clock.

The clock and the base unit cost $89.99, whereas the optional space shuttle costs $24.99. Available from ThinkGeek.



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