Video: Multi-Touch Table Demonstrated With WarCraft III

Sun, Apr 2, 2006

Computing, Gaming

How the DiamondTouch works.

Here’s a video demo of an amazing prototype table-top touch-panel named DiamondTouch, made by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL). By touching the screen, you complete a circuit that sends a signal containing the touch’s X/Y location to the table and the computer. That means a cable has to be connected to each players’ chair, or possibly to their clothing. Quite a hassle, but that also brings the exciting possibility of multiple simultaneous touches.

Another notable feature is the speech recognition that is demonstrated in the video, although I can’t imagine myself talking to a table non-stop for the whole duration of a 4v4 game.

Now if the MERL team could show us a video of a real game of WarCraft on the DiamondTouch and played with skill, I would probably wet my pants.


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