Researchers Want to Turn YOU into a Walking Battery

Tue, Apr 18, 2006


A sample nanowire array.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are going Matrix-style. No, not the coats and shades. They’ve created a prototype nanogenerator that is supposedly capable of producing electrical current via the bending and relaxing of zinc oxide nanowires. Zinc oxide is non-toxic, which means the wires can be safely planted into our bodies to help convert our movements into meaningful electricity.

“Our bodies are good at converting chemical energy from glucose into the mechanical energy of our muscles,” Zhong Lin Wang, researcher from the institute said. “These nanogenerators can take that mechanical energy and convert it to electrical energy for powering devices inside the body.”

Will it create the possibility of OLED tattoos and Force Lightnings? What other creative/crazy ideas do you have?


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