Researchers Want to Turn YOU into a Walking Battery

Tue, Apr 18, 2006


A sample nanowire array.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are going Matrix-style. No, not the coats and shades. They’ve created a prototype nanogenerator that is supposedly capable of producing electrical current via the bending and relaxing of zinc oxide nanowires. Zinc oxide is non-toxic, which means the wires can be safely planted into our bodies to help convert our movements into meaningful electricity.

“Our bodies are good at converting chemical energy from glucose into the mechanical energy of our muscles,” Zhong Lin Wang, researcher from the institute said. “These nanogenerators can take that mechanical energy and convert it to electrical energy for powering devices inside the body.”

Will it create the possibility of OLED tattoos and Force Lightnings? What other creative/crazy ideas do you have?


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  1. spliff Says:

    i think its a good but its enslaving people to technology. just like prince charles said. he was right all the way.

  2. ice Says:

    Power up the generators and when you are filing slow then just turn the electric energy back to chemical energy and pump it to the muscles. What a RUCH!

  3. ZeroMP Says:

    I want to have a plug in my shoulder so I can recharge my cellphone without being near an AC outlet.

    I want LED flashlights implanted under a thin layer of semi-transparent synthetic skin in my forehead which I can turn on and off by thinking about it (synthetic skin will act like a tinted window of course, light can escape but it looks normal from the ‘outside’)

    I also want a self-powered inner-ear mp3 player with an infinite crystal hard drive so I can listen to my music without headphones whenever I want.

    Oh, and I also would like windows calc.exe wired into my brain so I can perform ridiculous mathematics instantly.
    Now go do my bidding….

  4. Big J Says:

    That would be sweet Zero, having calc.exe implanted :P

    I want to get all the implants so i basically turn into a walking (but human) computer, so i can play MMOG while sitting at my office at work :P

  5. Mike Says:

    Lightning from my fingertips. :)

  6. jonathan Says:

    i’m thinking of going full cyber like Batô from ghost in the shell.

  7. ZeroMP Says:

    calc.exe implants are a lot closer than you might think….

    He’s doing all kinds of funky brain/computer research – REALLY
    cool stuff.

  8. Drinkyoghurt Says:

    i will shock the teacher and blame someone else…then ill shock someone’s nuts..and last but not least im going to drink yoghurt..pwnz ya!

  9. Simon Says:

    Wow, thats pretty amazing, although it’s not like nature didn’t have the idea first, our imune system (lymph system) is pumped by us excercising. It would be cool the maybe snap your finders and have a toch light up in the index one, Gadget man here I come!

  10. andy bailey Says:

    I’d have nano fibres attached to my retina so I could store my sights to an internal crystal drive, I could send signals down them to my eye so I could have a HUD type display giving me terminator style readouts!


  11. nate Says:

    id have lazer beams in my eyes cyclops style

  12. London June Says:

    Is it cool? God, I hope so because I think I’m a G-Pig for something like this already in the making. Ever heard of the Fiber Disease or Morgellons? Yeah, that’s me. But unlike some of you commenters above, I don’t want this in my body. I gave no consent for this technology to be used on me. Anyway, please tell me why it would be cool because “I can be cool with it” if I were not scared to death. Thanks for any tips/knowledge you could give me…..


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