aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock Reviewed

Sat, May 6, 2006


With aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock, every (well, most) sleep becomes a good one.

Remember the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock that was featured some time ago? has managed to get their hands on a set. The verdict? Probably the best in its class.

According to, the alarm clock is “far more beautiful in real life”, is “fairly intuitive”, and it does work. The only quirks are that light sleepers are likely to be woken up by the alarm meant for their partners, and that a vibration mode that is lacking would’ve helped considerably.

Each set will cost you €199 (~US$250). Not at all cheap, but good sleeps everyday sounds really worthy. Especially when it can be used by you and your partner at the same time. Get it from the official aXbo site.


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