World’s Small Camera. So Tiny That It’s Swallowable.

Sat, Jun 24, 2006

Digital Camera, Medical

World’s smallest camera!

OmniVision Technologies has developed a breakthrough camera chip that is only 1/18-inch in size. That makes it the world’s smallest camera thus far, as the closest thing in the market right now is merely a 1/12-inch. The entire of this OV6920 camera chip measures only 2.1mm by 2.3mm!

It is meant for usage in the medical field. By swallowing together with a pill, the camera can reach into the patient’s digestive system and allow medical observations that would otherwise be more invasive for the patient. The camera offers color video and requires only a single 3.3-volt DC supply to operate.

I bet some smart alec would use this tiny camera for some voyeur action.


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  1. NiHnet Says:

    How do you get it out, as if I didn’t know? D:

  2. Sion Says:

    In the long run for such a good product and newly made, it seems kind of a waste of product and money to just flipping eat it and then it comes out in … waste lol. could get cracked along the jouney of a life time.

  3. Alehandro Says:

    I doubt they would throw it out once it comes out. They probably clean it and will send it through someone else, just like the water we drink.

  4. Mark Says:

    It’s a chip. Most of them are extremely cheap to produce that they can be easily thrown away, and since when was cost a factor in the medical field?

  5. Andeh Says:

    Well, they dont exactly send it down with a wire, and they would have to get the pictures off somehow.
    They would have to retrieve it

  6. Peter Says:

    hurdles i see.
    -it might not show anything if its laying face down, or covered in gastic juices, or poo.
    -light source?
    -imagine storage/transmission?

    cool uses:
    little robotic legs so it can be steered inside the body.
    visual aid for the blind, micro imagine techonology would be well adapted.

    inevitable uses:
    big brother is watching, lets hope Pres bush doesnt choke oh his preztel while watching you. or your husband/wife, neighbour or the curious 14 year old down the street.
    assuming, imagine storage, transmition problems can be solve, or sufficientl miniturized.

    my.02c – DX2

  7. Bryan Says:

    Line a body-suit with an alternating patchwork of these cameras, and tiny screens the same size, and voila! Chameleon Suit! You could blend in with walls as the cameras facing the wall transmit a picture of the wall to the screens on the other side.

  8. Timmg Says:

    Um, you guys obviously dont watch television or the news. It is inserted into a DISPOSABLE pill shell and is small enough to leave room for a ring of LED lights. The pill has a radio transmitter to transfer the data to a special belt worn by the patient. At the end of the digestive cycle, the belt is taken off and the information retrieved by a computer. The camera is also ‘retrieved’ from the pill for further use.

  9. Mike Says:

    yo ithin kthat this thing sucks. theres no light source so how you goign to tell where it is at i nyour body and how the ehl lyou going to get the pics off it iff you can’t retrieve it. or maybe they just take it out of the guys poop then was it but still washing it and having another person use it common thats just sick

  10. Kevin Says:

    Didnt you listen to the guy who posted before you? they put LED lights in the DISPOSABLE pill. they dont reuse the pill just the camera. then they just take your shit and get the pill and crack it open get the camera and put it in a new shell

  11. Voice of Reason Says:

    Ok, this site should be called Idiots Anonymous, just for the posts.
    The explanations says the camera is swallowed together WITH a pill, not INSIDE a pill.
    Second, have none of you heard of wireless technology? Obviously, the pictures/video footage the camera records is sent WIRELESSLY to a receiver OUTSIDE of the body. You don’t have to do anything to the actual camera in order to get the pictures, other than make sure the battery is inside. Therefore, I doubt very much they actually have to collect your stool for the next couple of days just to make sure they get the camera back. Trust me, anytime you make anything swallowable, you’re not looking to get it back.

    And so, to the members of Idiots Anonymous, I say thank you for once again proving to me that we really need to make people pass a test before they’re allowed to reproduce.

  12. paul Says:

    [Comment ID #5177 Will Be Quoted Here]

    or just use fiber optics like the Marines are currently working on.. that would seem easier and cheaper, just a thought, but hey, way to go

  13. ezlet Says:

    [Comment ID #5181 Will Be Quoted Here]
    All this info is correct except for the ‘retrieved’ part. The pill /camera is disposible and passed just like anything else ingested.
    Yes, it is real, I know. My grandfather just had to use one.

  14. Bob Says:

    Dude, this crap is so old. I heard about this 3 years ago. Actually, my uncle went in for some surgery and they used this for him 2 years ago….and yes, it gets dissolved in the stomach. It’s not going to come back out.

  15. bob Says:

    Ya, but what kind of resolution does it get, and how do they face it the right way?

  16. gatey Says:

    that is stupid….how would you use it and only pervs would…that is sick…use the money for something of use bastards

  17. Derrick Says:

    But the battery is the size of a suitcase, I bet the old KGB would love this, just think where it could turn up

    As if there arent enough cameras watching us, now they do it from the inside as well

    I reckon you could get a great wedding video from it, just think, no more one camera videos, might even get a video of the actual conception, now that would be cool to show the kids and their new girl/boy friends, beat a naked baby on a blanket

    What about the holiday video, gives a whole new perspective on it

    The security sevices must be rubbing their hands with glee over it, a camera in EVERY house and we wouldnt even know it, beats loking at the insides of someones stomach/bowels, just think no more time off to watch the footie, you boss would know exactly where you are and what your doing (if you swallowed it, he’d even know if you really did have an upset stomach

  18. Curt Says:

    [Comment ID #5183 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ur stupid as fuck. the dude right before you just answered this question.

  19. Bryan Says:

    [Comment ID #5192 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only problem with fiber-optics is they’re too fragile. If you bend and flex a little too much in the wrong direction you break the cables. These cameras would allow independant motion.

  20. cheese Says:

    umm…. cheese?

  21. Says:

    As said you just know that this kind of technology is going to be misused by the unscruppless

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