World’s Small Camera. So Tiny That It’s Swallowable.

Sat, Jun 24, 2006

Digital Camera, Medical

World’s smallest camera!

OmniVision Technologies has developed a breakthrough camera chip that is only 1/18-inch in size. That makes it the world’s smallest camera thus far, as the closest thing in the market right now is merely a 1/12-inch. The entire of this OV6920 camera chip measures only 2.1mm by 2.3mm!

It is meant for usage in the medical field. By swallowing together with a pill, the camera can reach into the patient’s digestive system and allow medical observations that would otherwise be more invasive for the patient. The camera offers color video and requires only a single 3.3-volt DC supply to operate.

I bet some smart alec would use this tiny camera for some voyeur action.


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