Philips READUS E-Reader Prototype with Flexible E-paper Screen

Tue, Aug 29, 2006


Gadgets harnessing E-ink technology is nothing new. But a prototype e-book reader with flexible e-paper screen sure is. The Philips READUS prototype shown in the video above features a 5-inch 320×240 e-paper screen that can be kept rolled up when not in use. A simple pull unrolls the battery-saving screen, which uses power only when pages are turned.

Even at just 5-inch, the prototype looks amazingly good for practical usage. All thanks to the small size when kept rolled up.


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  1. Sean Says:

    The e-paper technology is going to take off once they’re able to manufacture it in large quantities. I can imagine it being used for small scale signs and labels of all types.

    The READUS wasn’t the first application that came to mind when I first encountered the e-ink technology, but it is an incredibly useful one none-the-less. I haven’t heard anything yet on how many ebooks it will be able to store, but I’m expecting it to be quite a few. The thought of being able to carry around my whole reading library in one little gadget is very exciting.

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