What? Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipes?!

Thu, Sep 7, 2006


Hello Kitty exhaust pipe! And another one! Image courtesy of greentrench from Flickr

How crazy can Japanese get over Hello Kitty? The fact that these Hello Kitty exhaust pipes were spotted on different cars suggests that some goofy mechanic is out there Kitti-fying exhaust pipes.


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  1. Tom Says:

    Comment from Japan. I found the article “What? Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipes?!” in Japanese and could not understand even a word. Cannot belive that none of you notice such terrible Japanese. You must think about automatic translation software and MUST NOT release any news of translated version which does not make sense.

  2. Charmmy Says:

    You can find Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe at

  3. PrplAngel Says:

    Here is where I found the exhaust pipe attachment:

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