The Ultimate Gamer’s Rig

Tue, Sep 19, 2006


Amazing what passion makes people do.

Joystiq recently held a “Most Impressive Gamer Rig” contest. And pictured here is the winning entry from a dude named Kevout, with his 32-system gaming rig. From Atari to Xbox 360, he has them all, with 568 games to boot. All he needs now is PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, and he would be in gaming heaven. Until the next generation consoles come along of course.


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  1. techie Says:

    Very cool collection he’s actully got a couple systems I don’t :)

    My list:
    Commodore 64c
    Commodore Vic20
    Sega Genesis
    Sega CD
    Sega 32x
    Sega Saturn (x2)
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sega GameGear
    Sega CDX
    Sega Nomad (in Box)
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Gameboy pocket
    Gameboy color
    Gameboy advanced
    Gameboy sp
    Nintendo ds
    Nintendo ds lite
    Sony PS2
    Sony Play Station (original)
    Sony PS one
    Sony PSP
    Neogeo pocket color
    Panasonic 3D0
    NEC Turbo Grafix 16
    NEC Turbo Grafix Express (in box)
    Amiga 1000 (in box)
    Amiga 500
    Amiga 2000

  2. Rass Says:

    All this guy needs is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and i would be bowing at his feet!

    Darn impressive tho!

  3. seedless Says:

    i love every single one of those systems. but the thing that i love the most is that the sony psp can emulate all of them except for the game cube, ds, psone, ps2, and xbox

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