LEGO Flamethrower!

Sun, Oct 22, 2006


Over at the LEGO Flamethrower factory.

There’s LEGO Crossbow and LEGO Rubberband Chaingun, how can we not have a LEGO Flamethrower! Thanks to LEGO enthusiast Mark Puustinen for sharing the flamethrower he built.

“This homemade LEGO flamethrower is completely built with LEGO toy building bricks. Only thing not LEGO is a piece of string and a refill bottle of butane gas which is commonly used in butane lighters and can be bought in almost any supermarket or grocery store.”

It works by “winding a little round knob which pulls the string which pulls the lever which pushes the bottle of butane against a holder with a hole from which butane shoots out from”.

Sounds really cool doesn’t it? How about a video of it in action? Check it out below.


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  1. Nomad Says:

    Oh the innovations the truely bored come up with.

    Indeed very nice

  2. Null_D3v Says:

    Now, Lego RPG.

    Annnnnnnnnnnd… go.

  3. Winter Knight Says:

    That doesn’t look safe.
    But that does look cool.

  4. TechFresh Says:

    I like the idea..although its kinda out there and wonder how safe it is?

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