Broken Wiimote Strap + Sweaty Hands = Cracked TV

Mon, Nov 20, 2006


Wiimote with broken strap.

A guy and his poor buddy were playing Wii Sports: Bowling on their new Wii for more than 24 hours. And on what must have been his 300th bowl, his sweaty hand slips…

The wrist strap should have saved the Wiimote from flying right? Apparently not, as the strap broke at the same moment.

And so that white, solid brick of Wiimote flew right at the 60-inch rear projection TV like a bullet and cracked that monster’s face. Better go secure your Wiimote’s strap before your next Wii’ing session!

The cracked TV...


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  1. Angel Says:

    Ha ha ha maaaan! I think I see that comming lol, must be a strategy of Nintendo to promote their new Mario’s TV screen protectors

  2. IanS Says:

    Playing for 24 hours?

    Are they sure they didn’t just walk into the screen and can’t remember doing it?

  3. amarinder k Says:

    this was realy gud

  4. amarinder k Says:

    Hi This is Great Job

  5. Laird Says:

    I own a wii and after playing it for about 5 minutes i realized something, YOU DONT NEED TO SWING HARD! ESPECIALLY NOT FOR BOWLING! I mean honestly if you swing the o mabey 2 pounds at the most wiimote hard enough to break your tv screen you must have anger issues. Also if you look closely at the pic of the broken strap it looks more like it was cut then that it ripped he probably took it off becuase it was annoying then after he broke his tv cut the thing to hide his own stupidity.

  6. Jen Says:

    Now, i dont know, but ive looked at a bunch of these threads, some including a story about a 9 year old girl throwing it during bowling, and one with a weird guy in a trucker hat to name a couple, but the breaks all kinda look like they’re in the same place, with the same shatter marks… Kinda questionable.

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