Amazon To Sell Xbox 360 At Just $100

Wed, Nov 22, 2006


Amazon’s $100 Xbox 360.

For the next four weeks, Amazon in running a campaign called Amazon Customers Vote. Each week, we are invited to vote for the item that will be on sale the next Thursday at a discount price. Sort of like Woot but with a twist.

We are a bit late here though, as the voting for Week 1’s product has already been closed. It will be a Xbox 360 at just US$100! It’s a steal.

The Xbox 360 will begin selling on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) 11 a.m. Pacific Time sharp. Only 1,000 units will be available, so if you want one really bad, be punctual, and be nimble with your clicking.

As for Week 2, we will get to vote on Wednesday from following:

  • Diamond Stud Earrings (1 cttw): $1,099.00 $350 (190 units)
  • Axion Portable DVD Player: $109.99 $25 (1,000 units)
  • Black & Decker 12-Volt Drill: $49.99 $10 (2,500 units)
  • Amazon Prime & $100 in Toys: $179.00 $40 (2,000 units)


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  1. Slappy san Says:

    What a joke. I started refreshing at 1:58 and nothing! It’s a 2:07.

  2. Slappy san Says:

    ..finally reloades at 2:13 and its sold out. F### Amazon!

  3. Leon Huang Says:

    With only 1,000 units, you are supposed to start at 11am to stand a chance. :D

  4. Slappy san Says:

    [Comment ID #17945 Will Be Quoted Here]

    11am pacific/2pm eastern

    right on tume :)

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