Gadget To Heal Broken Bones Twice As Fast

Thu, Dec 7, 2006


Making bones heal twice as fast.

Any breakthrough technology that helps our body and health is technology worth mentioning. A new project by Queensland University of Technology has created a device that can speed up the time taken to heal fractured and broken bones by two times. Figuring out how bone cells heal is the key.

“This device is about trying to grow bone tissue in the same environment our body grows bones. I have taken bone cells and put them in the physical environment they would experience in the body, and then varied the stimulants to extract a beneficial environment for tissue growth,” he said.

In other words, they have not tried it on a human yet. Let us hope it’ll be completed before we all get old and start slipping on our bathroom floor, breaking bones here and there.


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  1. TechFresh Says:

    Seems like a good experiment /idea. hopefully they finish this soon! I’d be interested to see how it works!

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