Honda ASIMO Falls Down The Stairs…Again

Thu, Dec 14, 2006


Honda ASIMO’s spirit is truly worthy of admiration. Even falling down the stairs in front of audiences will not make him give up.

And so he tries again…

And he falls again…

On second thought, ASIMO. Just put some wheels and forget about the stairs.


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  1. Tony Duncan Says:

    Ouch! – He fell HARD – no “instinctive” programmed arms-down recovery for him, then.

    These guys can always get a job at Microsoft when Asimo pops its clogs.

  2. JimmyB Says:

    Anyone else feel sorry for him?
    “c’mon, little buddy! Shake it off! You’ll be okay!…”

  3. jomama Says:

    the amount of engineering and control systems it takes just to make that thing balance itself and walk is respectable. watching it fall down the stairs just hurts on so many levels. damn funny though! i love how they bring the screen out to cover it up…

  4. Tony Duncan Says:

    Hey Tony Duncan. My name it Tony Duncan too.

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