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Thu, Jan 11, 2007

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Apple iPhone's Cover Flow Feature

1. Cisco vs. Apple

It’s been known for quite some time that Cisco owns the trademark, “iPhone”. And from Cisco’s blog, it looks like Apple knows this very well and negotiations to share the name had been going on. Yet, Apple seems to have decided to be the bad boy and launched its phone as “iPhone” anyway, without any agreement with Cisco.

Now let us sit tight and watch how this lawsuit drama unfolds.

2. User Installable Applications Not Allowed?

Dan from TUAW seems to be confused. Yes, Steve had mentioned “runs on OS X”, he had also mentioned “desktop-class applications”. But that does not mean the iPhone will run any apps installable on your Mac. It is no UMPC.

3. iPhone Will Require 2-Years Contract With Cingular

Cingular has confirmed this. You can’t buy an iPhone outright without the 2-years contract. How crappy, I live in Asia and was hoping to get it from US come June. I don’t need no Cingular line!

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  1. james Says:

    wow you need a contract with cingular ? that’s really annoying for someone living in aus. i wanted to buy mine in june too and be one of the first people to get one in aus.
    i heard though that they will be available overseas after a little while.. e.g. in australia early 2008

  2. Leon Huang Says:

    Yup, Apple said 2008 for Asia, which I suppose that includes Australia. Such a pity right? Hope things will change soon after June.

  3. Ibrahim Says:

    That’s indeed sucks! I was hoping to get mine on June too from the US (but living in the Middle East).However, after i’ve looked up for Cingular deal, it seems that there will be no iPhone for my case anytime soon… I’m disappointed :(

  4. Roger Smith Says:

    iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!?
    And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHER
    than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
    Well, the only solution
    I could fine was -
    they get you out of any cell phone contract!

  5. brad Says:

    lol, you people are funny, I had one and the thing is overated, the “ONLY” thing I liked is the coverflow and the voicemail listings, everything else sucks. I suggest that if you have a reliable carrier that you stick with them or suffer the same dissapointment…..

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