LG BH100 Reviewed: Hybrid Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player

Fri, Jan 26, 2007


LG BH100 Blu-ray HD-DVD Hybrid Player

The LG BH100 is a player that is capable of playing back both Blu-ray and HD-DVD media. Will this really be the end of the HD format war? Well, Gizmodo says no.

Although playing back movies from both format works fine, the main drawback lies in the lack of full HD-DVD support. The HD-DVD menus don’t work, which disables access to numerous special features available in most HD-DVDs. And it only managed 1080i with HDMI, instead of 1080p mode.

But other than these few kinks, Gizmodo believes that the LG is good enough for the 95% of us. Although retailing at a high price of around US$1,200, it plays back movies fine, has better than average image quality, saves space (vs. having two players), and the design looks really cool. Soft-glowing buttons and matte aluminium finish make the BH100 a joy to look at.

For a more detailed report, visit Gizmodo.
LG’s official press release.

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  1. Alan Says:

    I think in the end one will win and one will just slowly disappear. Just like what happened with VHS and Beta. The biggest issue is that this new technology probably won’t be adopted by the masses until the format war is over.

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