Nokia 8600: Another Sexy Luxury Phone From Nokia

Sun, May 20, 2007


Nokia 8600

Check out this sleek successor of the Nokia 8800! Nokia has yet to announce this phone, but this official-looking picture here, and various in-the-wild shots are already circulating the internet like wildfire.

The phone will have Series 40, a 2-megapixel camera, quad-band GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, and a QVGA display.

Also, the phone’s already been approved by the FCC. It might not be long before Nokia announces it.

Now I’m torn between iPhone and this…


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  1. boujois Says:

    you can’t honestly be torn? this is a series 40 phone! the iphone will have every thing you ever wanted, and this is series 40… the OS is so out of date, series 60 and you’ve got a dilemma, but series 40? its so poor!

  2. Leon Says:

    Haha functionality wise, yes it loses out in every aspect. But the compactness and the looks just have this entirely different kind of appeal.

  3. sexybollywoodbabes Says:

    looks slick

  4. Mo Says:

    O Ya. Here goes another fashion icon phone. Guys we need the functionality not the ‘fashionality’. For the price of this thing we could get a smartphone plus accessories and enough airtime for a lifetime :) But I gotta say this phone looks good, functionality aside.

  5. Winnie the pooh Says:

    Wow. That phone is sexy. Does this support 3G? And the memory capacity? Does anyone knew how much will it probably cost?

  6. TechFresh Says:

    Looks pretty elegant..which service providers sell this?

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