Google Takes a Splash into the Deep Blue

Sun, May 4, 2008

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Google Ocean

Dive operators, dive guides and seasoned divers may soon have a new “toy” to play with – contributing details of diving hot spots around the world right down to the water conditions and maybe, just maybe to the species of corals and the residents living there.

Rumor has it that Google is brewing an exciting 3D ocean map with the help of marine experts and in selected areas, providing us with high-resolution pictures.

Google’s foray into the ocean comes as no surprise really – with the (Google) Earth and (Google) Sky already covered, it’s probably the next best extension of the project.

I’d say the guys behind Asia Dive Site would definitely have plenty to contribute. So would many, many other websites.

And for those who do not fancy descending 70 feet into the deep blue sea, it’s time to get ready to take a tour underwater – all dry.


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