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Mon, May 12, 2008

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For those familiar with Mac, we all know how useful Exposé can be. With the click of a button, it elegantly displays all your open windows in one screen, making it really easy to find a particular window that you are looking for.

Long have Windows users yearned for something like this. There have been several offerings for Windows that tries to do the same, but neither has been particularly successful in emulating the original. And with the birth of Windows Vista, there is now Windows-TAB that does something similar, but still not as good.

But now, we have something new called DExposE2 Reloaded. This one seems really promising in becoming a worthy substitute for Exposé on Windows. It even features a handful of extras such as interactive previews, hot corners, and multi-monitor support. Why not give it a shot?

Download: 05-08-2008 Build

Alternatively, download via the developer’s site.


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  1. Jajecznica Says:

    looks good

  2. steve jobs Says:

    This website was created by envious mac ass kissers, still can’t beat aero, hahah

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