World’s First: Panasonic HD 3D Camcorder

Wed, Feb 3, 2010

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World's First: Panasonic HD 3D Camcorder

Dreaming of making your very own Avatar 3D movie? Here’s an elegant solution for you: Panasonic’s fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder. Conventional 3D camcorder rigs are built from two off-the-shelf broadcast camcorders, while Panasonic’s solution has two lenses built into it, making it an extremely simple setup. But only if you got $21,000 to spare.

Here’s a sample video if you got a pair of 3D glasses lying around. Or if you have the skills, you can even choose the cross-eyed method on the dropdown list.

The camcorder will be available in fall 2010, made to order.

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  1. Sean Says:

    Isn’t something like this already available? I read somewhere that FIFA is planning on airing parts of the World Cup this summer in 3-D. IS the difference the fact that it’s HD?

  2. Serviced Offices Says:

    Ouch the video was removed from youtube :( Any other source, please?

  3. Latest Gadgets Says:

    The camcorder looks great and has come up with new technology. Is there a place on web to order it online?

  4. Pink Laptops Says:

    Welcome to the revolution. Home videos will never have looked so good!

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